Center Console Boat Covers

Invest In A Durable Cover Built To Last With Easy Installation And Minimal Maintenance

Cleaning your boat after a trip is hard enough without having to clean it again before going out. Not only does your Custom Center Console Boat Cover allow you to spend more time on the water, your investment is protected by a durable cover - custom fit to your specific boat model.

  • Covering your boat is an easy one-person operation.
  • Our lightweight covers provide a custom fit, allowing for easy positioning and a secure fit.
  • Most of our covers do not require a mooring pole for proper water drainage.
  • We offer a port or starboard side zipper entry on most models.
  • We offer a lightweight solution dyed polyester material which is very breathable and long lasting.
  • Our covers install or remove in as little as five minutes.
  • Our covers are designed for storage on Trailers, Boat lifts, Dry Stacks and Jet Docks.
Our covers are not designed for in-water use or travel use. Traveling with your cover on will void the warranty.

Center Console Boat Covers are designed around your storage needs.

Trailered boats

Trailered boats

Jet Dock

Jet Dock

Keep it clean with a Center Console Boat Cover

Keep it clean with a Center Console Boat Cover

Ease of Access

Ease of Access
Center Console Boat Covers can be ordered with your choice of a port or starboard side zipper entry. This allows for easy access in and out of your boat without the hassle of removing the cover.  The draw rope secures at the bottom of the zipper which gives you the ability to tighten the cover easily on a boat lift or jet dock.

Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation
Covering your boat is an easy one person operation, whether you’re on a lift, in a dry stack, parked on a floating dock or trailer. Our lightweight covers are designed to be easily installed from within the boat. We offer a port or starboard side zipper entry and all of our patterns include covering the motor. Take a look at the Center Console Boat Cover installation video below which will show you how easy it is to install your cover.

Custom Fit

Custom Fit
Center Console Boat Covers are custom made for each specific make and model boat. This will ensure that your cover will fit like a glove. Lots of attention to detail goes into every cover to make sure that you receive a top quality product that will protect your investment for many years to come. Check out the photo gallery below to see lots of great fitting covers.
Center Console Boat Cover
Minimal Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your Center Console Boat Cover’s fabric looking great is to hose and brush the cover off on a monthly basis. This helps prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric and eliminates the need for more frequent vigorous cleaning.

We recommend that you clean your cover while on the boat, follow these simple steps:
  1. Brush off loose dirt
  2. Hose down
  3. Prepare a cleaning solution of water and mild soap such as Woolite or Dawn dishwashing liquid
  4. Use a soft bristle marine brush to clean
  5. Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric up to 20 minutes
  6. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed
  7. Air dry

If stubborn stains persist, you can use a diluted bleach/soap mixture for spot cleaning of mildew or bird droppings:

  • Mildew - 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid / 1 cup bleach / 1 gallon water
  • Bird droppings - 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid / 1 gallon water

If the inside of your cover needs cleaning, you can install your cover inside out on your boat. The zipper entry will be on the other side. Follow the same instructions listed above.

Take a look at our long list of available patterns.


Don't see your cover? We are making new patterns everyday. Give us a call (843) 760-6101 or contact us.

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