T-Top Boat Cover

  • Make: Sea Hunt
  • Model: 234 Ultra
  • 1130.00


    T-top Boat Covers are designed to be custom fit for each specific boat model. They are very durable and lightweight when compared to traditional canvas covers. This makes installation for one person very easy. Watch the installation video to see how easy it really is.

    Our unique cover design does not trap water or moisture, which could lead to mold and mildew growth on the boat. Take a look at the ventilation video to see the "chimney effect" in action.

    Our cover design utilizes 1" wide webbing straps with plastic side release buckles to allow the cover to hang under the T-top. We install a port or starboard side zipper entry on each cover and it is located in-line with the helm seat. We utilize a 3/8 diameter Nylon rope which is hemmed into the bottom of the cover to secure your cover to your boat around the hull and motor(s). We also provide tie down loops installed every 4’ around the perimeter. This gives you the option to secure your cover to the trailer or if you’re on a lift, you can hang our sandbags from them. Click the accessories tab to see our sandbags and all of our other accessories.

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    People ask us all the time, “Which is the best choice of fabric for my cover?” So here are a few facts to help you choose the best material for your storage cover needs.

    9 oz. polyester material:

    It’s the best choice for strength and longevity.

    1. It has a 5 yr. warranty and it should last upwards of 10 years. 

    2. It’s the strongest material we offer and it is well suited (because of its strength) for snow and ice conditions.

    3. It’s the most breathable material that we offer. Our cover design does not trap water or moisture in your boat and it allows it to breathe. Check out our Ventilation video.

    4. It’s also the best choice if you’re exposed to high wind conditions.

    5. You have three color options Navy, Black, or Grey.

    6. Many of our customers choose this material instead of shrink wrapping their boat. It pays for itself in only a few years.

    8 oz. polyester material:

    1. It also has a 4 yr. warranty and should last 7-8 years.

    2. If you’re thinking that you might hold onto the boat around 4-6 years, this is a good choice.

    7. It is lightweight and very breathable. Our cover design does not trap water or moisture in your boat and it allows it to breath. Check out our Ventilation video.

    3. It’s strong too and will handle most snow and ice conditions.

    4. You have two color options Navy or Black.

    Hard Top Strap Kit Notice:
    For covers that require a strap kit, it will come provided.
    Here are examples of how to utilize a Hard Top Harness Kit.
    Bow Rails
    Please identify which style of bow rails your boat has:
     (Pictured Below)
      (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)
      (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)
    Boat Styles
    Our covers are specifically designed for each style of boat. 
    Please select an option below.
     (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)


    Zipper Access
    Port & Starboard Side

    Please select a port or starboard side zipper entry for your cover. The zipper entry will be located in-line with the helm seat.

    I would like the zipper to be:

    Bow Accessories
    Please select an option below.
     (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)

    Jack Plate

    If you have a jack plate, please choose which size.


    Choose one of the following:

    I have a jack plate and it is:


    Power Poles
    Power Poles are mounted using motor bracket mounts and transom mounts,
    examples of mounts are provided here at the top. Please select one below.

    My power pole(s) is a:

    • 9oz. per lin. yd., 100% polyester, 5 yr. warranty

      Available Colors: Gray, Navy, or Black

    • 8oz. per linear yard, 100% polyester, 4 yr. warranty

      Available Colors: Navy, or Black

    • angler234
    • Black
    • Navy

    Our solution dyed, 100% polyester covers are offered in three weights 8oz. or 9 oz. per linear yard. The 8oz. cover is extremely breathable, it has a four year warranty and should hold up to UV rays an estimated 7-9 years. The 9oz. cover is extremely breathable, it has a five year warranty and should hold up to UV rays an estimated 10 years. The color is introduced into the polyester when it is in its solution state. This means that the color runs throughout the diameter of the fiber so it will not rub off or bleed onto the boat. We like to use the polyester material because it is lightweight, will not stretch or hardly fade in color over the life of the material.

    Ski/Tow Bar
    Ski poles & tow bars are mounted in different positions. Please select one below.
    Swim Ladders
    Please select the swim ladder style that is on your boat.
     (Pictured Below)
      (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)
     (Pictured Below)
    T-Top Covers are not designed for in-water use. Please consider our
    Center Console Curtains.
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